2018 Upcoming Events (Click here for all registration forms)


    CBF Upcoming Events:

    Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Training (first phase)- January 7-13, 2018 (Host Country-Trinidad & Tobago)

    CBF Sunday- June 24, 2018

    CBF Women's Meeting- July 18-23, 2018- (Host Country-Barbados)

    Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Training (second phase)- August 2018  (Host Country-Trinidad & Tobago)

    CBF Executive Meeting and Baptist Gathering- October 23-26, 2018 (Host Country-Haiti)

    CBF Youth Festival- October 17-21, 2019 (Host Country-Turks & Caicos)- Click the link in the bracket to read more (Youth)

    CBF 50th Anniversary Celebration- October 21-25, 2020 (Host Country- Jamaica)


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    Click the suitable link below to download the relevant documents for our upcoming events.