Ministries and Committees

    The Caribbean Baptist Fellowship mission is to encourage and facilitate the coming together of Caribbean Baptists at national and regional levels for worship, and for shared witness and ministry. 

    To this end the CBF works to provide its member bodies with opportunities to be inspired, motivated, encouraged and equipped for service; and to be an agent through which they can pool and channel their human and financial resources towards carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and expressing  in word and deed the love of God for every person within the Caribbean region and beyond.  Please take a moment to view more details on our ministries.


    Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee is an established CBF Standing Committee responsible for producing and distributing through quarterly newsletters and print, electronic and social media, information about plans......

    Christian Education & Stewardship

    This committee is concerned with leadership training, facilitating and promoting Sunday School work in association with CCP; Stewardship Education; Church Music Education; Family Life Education; Special Education...

    The main areas of responsibility of this committee promote leadership training for, and facilitation and promotion of:

    1. Sunday School Work, in association with Caribbean Christian Publications
    2. Stewardship Education
    3. Church Music Education
    4. Family Life Education
    5. Special Education

    Other special areas of training and education needed by the churches from time to time and which do not fall under the responsibilities of the departments and other standing committees.

    Disaster Response and Human Needs

    Disaster Response & Human Needs Committee This committee shall carry out the following responsibilities: Provide training for CBF Member Bodies in how to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and ea...

    Mission & Evangelism

    This committee researches into, leadership training for the facilitation and promotion.

    Ministerial Training Committee

        This committee shall carry out the following responsibilities: Effect research into the need for and availability of theological education among Member Bodies of the CBF and report finding to the CBF. Through conferences, seminars and/or the ...