Our Executives


    2020 - 2025


    The Caribbean Baptist Fellowship first ever Virtual General Assembly was held on October 22nd, 2020.

    The  Executive Members for 2020-2025 are as follows:-

    President: -                                       Rev. Dominique Dick - Guadeloupe

    Executive Secretary/Treasurer:-     Rev. Anslem Warrick - Trinidad and Tobago

    Vice Presidents: -                            Rev. Clinton Minnis - Bahamas

                                                              Rev. Brenda Harewood - Guyana

                                                              Rev. Jonathan Hemmings - Jamaica

    Men’s Department:-                         Rev. Ricky Newball - San Andres Islands &

                                                              Rev. Stephen Ferguson - Bahamas   

    Women’s Department:-                   Mrs. Karlene Edwards-Warrick - Trinidad and Tobago 

    Youth Department:-                         Ms. Sherry Ann Profitt - Guyana 

    Ministerial Committees: - 

           1. Theological Education:

              Chair - Rev. Trevor Edwards - Jamaica

              Vice Chairman - Rev. Dr. Cecil Richards  -  St. Vincent and the Grenadines

          2. Christian Education and Stewardship:

              Chair - Mrs. Penny Forde - Turks and Caicos Islands  

              Vice Chair - Rev. Bentley Robinson - Cayman Islands

          3.  Disaster Response and Human Needs:

               Chair - Rev. Sylvester King - St Vincent and the Grenadines

               Vice Chair - Mr. Haynesley Benn - Barbados

          4.  Mission and Evangelism:

               Chair - Mr. Leonard Glasgow - Turks and Caicos Islands

                Vice Chair - Rev. Ignacio Barrera - San Andres Island

          5.   Communications:

                Chair - Ms. Dorrett Campbell - Jamaica  

                Vice Chair - Mrs. Bernadette Richards-Duncan - St. Vincent and the Grenadines  

    Other Executive Members

    Recording Secretary:-                          Ms. Celia McKoy - Jamaica

    Consultants:-                                        Rev. Dr. William Thompson - Bahamas

                                                                   Ms. Yvonne Pitter - Jamaica

    Caribbean Christian Publications: -    Rev. Karl Henlin - Chairman - Jamaica

    Caribbean Christian Publications Trustees: - Rev. Karl Henlin, Rev Dominique Dick , Rev Anslem Warrick, Rev. Ricky Newball, Dr. Cheryl Strachan, Rev. Dr. Brenda Harewood, Mrs. Bernadette Richards-Duncan, Rev. Victor Mcleod,  Rev. Trevor Edwards and Rev. Merlyn Hyde-Riley.

    Baptist World Alliance (BWA)

    General Secretary:-                   Rev. Elijah Brown - USA

    Vice Presidents:-                       Rev. Karl B. Johnson (First Vice President) - Jamaica

                                                        Rev. Dr. Joel Dorsinville - Haiti