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    Men's World Day of Prayer


    New Bethlehem is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
    Topic:   Men's World Day of Prayer
    Date :  Satuday 27th April 2024.
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    International Women's Day 2024


    To all the women of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship. 
    "Communities have suffered significantly from ignoring and silencing the God gifted wisdom of women".
    A quote from Rev Marvia Lawes preaching at the closing Sunday service of the Jamaica Baptist Union 174th General Assembly on the theme "Demanding Equity". 
    Text - Numbers 27:1-12, the story of The Daughters of Zelophehad.
    From the Executive Secretary/Treasurer - Caribbean Baptist Fellowship

    CBF Sunday EST Message - June 25th 2023

    Rev. Anslem Warrick (EST)


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    CBF Sunday - June 26th 2022   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Isaiah 41:13  God remains an unfailing security whatever the time and circumstances. We are not makers of history. We are made by history (Dr. M.L.K Jr).  It is true that life has showed us in m...